stdIn order to improve the existing business, introduce innovation and maintain competitiveness, two years ago we developed the sector for the provision of consulting services in the field of food safety management HACCAP and quality management system ISO 9001:200.

Stadion managed to present the importance of these systems to other Montenegrin companies and understand them as a precondition for the participation on the European market.

Nevertheless, these systems are successfully implemented in more than thirty Montenegrin companies engaged in retail and hospitality. These companies were evaluated by reputable certification bodies in the region and without any corrections nor conditions, were rewarded with certificates in the field of ISO 9001 and HACCAP.

Company Stadion itself is certified for HACCAP for the following scope of certification: wholesale, reception, storage and distribution of products with or without temperature regime.

For more references and information related to the Provision of consulting services sector in the field of food safety (HACCAP) and quality management system, please contact us at email:
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