Today we are the leading detergent Eau industry with a tradition of over 118 years. Our success are our products: Fax Helizim, Rubel, Ornel, Arf, Likvi, Tips, Vim, ...


Iskon is a high quality, pure, 100% natural sunflower refined edible oil. Optimal values of nutrients provide the Iskon recognition oils of the highest quality on the market, as evidenced by numerous awards and honors.


Merba’s mission is to produce high quality bakery products, mostly under private label and with a good price-quality ratio.


Welcome and enjoy the world of Sentella pasta and other milling products of this brand. They are pleased to invite you to enjoy the results of their tradition for more than 130 years together.


Our primary activity has long been the production of improvers and mixtures for the bakery industry, but the great desire to expand production leads us to start in 2001 something unique in the market of this part of Europe - the production of tortillas. Our great challenge soon turned into a great satisfaction of our customers that continues today.


Kervan Gida, the most significant supplier and producer of jelly is quickly advancing into the world market with its Bebeto brand.


Since 1829, the “White swan” is connected to the paperworks history as well as a part of the oldest registered trademark in Slovakia. It is the symbol of cleanliness, nobleness, elegance and has been accompanying the Harmony brand up to this day.


Bayernland S.R.L. manufactures milk, butter, cheese and yogurt, produced exclusively from the milk of cows.Tradition, modernity and high quality. Innovation German and Italian creativity: these are the keywords of Bayernland.


Eurovoće offers a wide product range that is divided into three production programs: sweet (jams, marmalades and compotes); vegetables (cucumbers, beets, peppers, chutney and mixed salad) and HORECA program (intended kitchens in hotels and restaurants).


Since 1984, the factory "Ravanica" is engaged in the production of biscuits, waffles, crackers, chopsticks and related products,



American manufacturer of sauces and ketchup, well known for its unique taste and tradition.


Our product range contains more than 20 different snack products, most notable products are Hand cooked chips, Rice snack and Popcorn snack.

Rakija Jezdić

Our brandy rests on the land of our grandfathers. We carefully select each ripe fruit from whose juice we take the bes


Company Madi from Tešanj is a regional leader in chicken production in the Western Balkans and is the fastest growing regional brand in the field.


Factory (Durmitor spring water) sends its water from the Gusarevci source, which is located at the 1400 meters above sea level, within the National park “Durmitor”. 

Mlekara Šabac

We process milk and produce delicious dairy products. Our famous brands: A la Kajmak, Sirko, Mediraneo as well as our newly launched products are produced from high-quality milk from local farms and are of an indisputable quality.


Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Amsterdam, one of the largest electronics companies in the world, currently focused in the area of healthcare and lighting.


Bonito as a premium brand of the company Mladegs Pak is a renowned domestic manufacturer of food products with a rich assortment of over 350 items that have deservedly won the trust of housewives over the past 30 years of tradition of quality. Thanks to their quality, Bonito products easily find their place on the market and are part of the family meal in over 20 countries around the world.


Today Franck is  the leader in coffee and tea market with products such as Jubilee coffee, 125 YEARS EDITION espresso, Franck Cappuccino and Franck teas with a wide assortment of over 30 different types of top quality flavors.


With the exclusive distribution of the Kent brand, we are able to offer our consumers a wide range of tea biscuits, chopsticks, crackers ...


Since 2004, has been part of the Conserve Italia Group, an Agricultural Cooperative Company whose social base is made up of over 14,000 farmer members, which cultivate their produce in Italian open fields with ‘’integrated certified’’ and sustainable production systems.


 BAKO NUTS is a private company founded in 2000. Our main activities include production, processing and trade with granular and powder products, spices, dried fruits, cereals.


Calvo tuna, salad and squid in combination with sauces that complement their excellent taste are an unforgettable experience for all lovers of seafood.


Vipro aromatic ajvar, pepperoni, mixed salads, beets and peppers will delight all true gourmands!


Canned fruits, vegetables, and seafood from this manufacturer have one thing in common -The great quality!


Leading manufacturer in the categories of toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs in Southeastern Europe with a tradition of 140 years!


Production of candies and chocolate in Kandit lasts for decades. The result is a whole line of related products known and close generations of consumers.


"Klas" dd Sarajevo is a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of foods derived from wheat flour, bread, rolls, pasta, confectionery products ... Flour of the manufacturer - "Gold Powder" is a synonym for quality in the category of mill products.


Zdenka is synonymous on the category of processed cheese. Today, with melted cheese, there is a whole range of cheeses intended for various groups of consumers.


Brand Gavrilovic is more than three centuries a most famous promoter of traditional regional meat specialties.


IM "Topola" is one of the leading producers of meat products on Balkan market.


There are only few companies with so rich and glorious tradition in the production of liqueurs, spirits and soft drinks.

Maja Med

All of us know a results of their dedicated work and commitment - The highest quality natural honey!


Italian pasta with long tradition of high quality and recognizable Mediterranean taste.


Melle honey assortment includes permanent offer of five varieties of honey (acacia, lime, floral, mountain and meadow) in different packaging.

Mljekara Maestro

Dairy Maestro for a short time have managed to combine the traditional way of producing dairy products with modern technologie.Their products Feta cheese is the most valuable source of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.


This Brown sugar represents an ideal addition to black coffee, cereals, pastries and fresh fruit.


Koestlin is the factory with almost century-old tradition of manufacturing superior delicacy. Assortment includes high quality and well designed products that easily win the trust and satisfaction of many consumers


Amazing choco desserts for every season and every occasion.


Vitamin from Horgos is a reputable manufacturer of the famous Horgos pepper and spices.


A wide range of high-quality fruits, vegetables and canned seafood. Their "global taste" is spreading among consumers since in 1970.


Although founded in 1920, Niva continues to be recognized for its quality assortment of medical products and products from wadding.

Mito Srem

Corn flakes and other products of the industrial processing of corn were historically present in many households.

Žito Prerada

Enjoy in sweetness of strudel, cookies and waffles from this manufacturer.


The Dax food are optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper growth and development of your pets. The production process is controlled by HACCP and ISO quality standards, which makes food Dax unique in this area of production.